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My name is Aline and I'm a 23 year old (Mexican) young lady who likes all kind of images... (As you can tell already xD)

Also I'm onto RPG games, drawing in my free times, reading mistery novels, Huge Fan of detectives, Follower of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Unicorns, Starry Nights, Hamburgers and Bananas!

Oh!, and maybe... Just maybe, a little crazy and creepy ;b
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Naoto geeking over Aigis will never not be my favorite thing 


"If you buy a pack of bubble gum, you can have the monkey for free."

(Fuente: e4rleb1rd)

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Tal vez no hemos vivido lo mismo

quizá un día te toque sentir lo que es ver solo espaldas alejándose cada vez más cuando lo único que quieres es un abrazo…



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Edited Lantern designs from Kangxi Dengtu, late 17th- or early 18th- century, watercolor. Getty Research Institute.


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魔法薬セット by はしゃ 

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たまごマップ by möp 

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「しかくいかお」 by  ながた ふくろう